Are you one of the owners of the many businesses in the US? Is your business doing well? If so, do you have a physical outlet of your business or maybe you are just doing business online. With the advent of the online world, everyone can now venture into any business they want without needing that much capital. Besides, even if you need a good amount of money, still there are now a number of lenders who will be willing to finance you as long as you present a brilliant business plan. This is why, if your business is doing good, why not try to expand in another country like in Canada?

Just like what you are doing right now, you can do business with the consumers in Canada without really having to set-up a physical outlet there. This is what they call a non-resident importer. One way of doing this is by contacting a customs broker that can be your ally in this venture. This customs broker should be an agency that is already established like the Clearit customs brokerage canada. To know more about their system, you can check below:Image result for Your Ally In Doing Business In Canada

  • First of all, a customs broker will be the one to assist you when it comes to the release and accounting of goods that you will ship to Canada if you don’t want to deal directly with the Canada Border Services.
  • When shipping commercially or importing for business, you don’t really need an importer number to clear customs. However it is highly recommended. You basically need a GST number for you to collect and remit taxes. By using this number, the customs broker can activate your importer number for only a smaller amount. However, if you are not shipping commercially, then, there is really no need for the importer number.
  • There are more benefits when you import commercially compared when you do it personally. With the personal option, you will be subject to Federal as well as Provincial tax which is not the case with the commercial shipment since you only have to deal with the Federal tax.

For more information about how the customs broker of Clearit customs brokerage works, you should check out their online link as from there, you will learn everything about them. You will also get a hint of how beneficial it will be to become an NRI.

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