Working from home is made possible by technology and is an ongoing trend. More and more people seem to switch to an online job rather than an office job. The internet, cloud storage and smartphones are just a few developments that contributed to the increase in the demand for remote jobs. Working in a virtual environment is now a reality. This way of working allows employees to work in a comfortable and familiar environment and has many more other advantages.

The opinions about work from home jobs are divided and depend mostly on the company’s policies. When we compare the statistics we can see that more and more companies are convinced of the advantage that teleworking offers for the company and the employees. In this blog we will state the 3 biggest advantages for you if you decide to start working from home.

  1. Less stress

For many people working at home reduces stress related to work a lot. Different reasons can be thought of to explain this. For example, homeworkers are closer to their family and home. Besides this they also don’t experience office gossip, uncomfortable office furniture, noise, or have a boss looking over their shoulder.

  1. More free time

When you work from home you don’t have to travel to work and are not tempted to stay at work longer to catch up with colleagues. This will give you more free time and thus more time to spend with family and friends.

  1. More productive

Extensive research has shown that people who work from home are overall more productive than their colleagues at the office. This may be due to the peaceful atmosphere at home. Think of things such as no clothing requirements, no distractions, and a trusted environment.

Altogether, working from home has a lot of advantages and this blog only mentioned the most important once. If you are looking for remote jobs than I suggest you take a look at the website of Onlyremotejobs, as they offer a lot of work from home jobs.


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