In an Automated Export System (AES) world today. You should be familiar with EIN, EEI, FTR,and ACE, by now. Although one thing that is not discussed frequently butisvery much important is the Internal Transaction Number (ITN).

Exporting and the Internal Transaction Number

The United States Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) demands that exporters or their customs broker agents properly file all their electronic export information (EEI) by using AES for most merchandise exports valued at $2,500 or above by Schedule B number. You will discover more comprehensive instructions at the time in which you willhave to file your export shipments.

You can easily file your export information to AESDirect by signingup in the United States platform of Border and Customs Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and putting in your electronic export information. You can as well make use of a software program like the Shipping Solutions export software for documentation to file through the AESDirect with no need to put your export information again on the AESDirect display screen.

Your Internal transaction numberperforms three major roles in the exportation process:

#1:It Serves as A Proof of Filing

The AES ITN number is a proof that either you or your customs broker has filed your EEI as demanded by FTR. Have it in mind that the simple filing act is not enough. Filing incorrect or wrong information could lead to criminal and civil penalties which is up to $10,000 maximum per each violation as madenecessary by the Export Enforcement Office (OEF) in the United States.

#2: It can assist you in verifying the accuracy of filing within a routed export business transaction

Within a routed business export transaction, the ITN helps you in making sure that information filled on your behalf wascorrect. Do notletsomeone else do the filing through AES for you, even if youwant to do this,at least you should make sure you monitor every transaction and also ensure that the freight forwarders or customs broker you are working with are correctly finishing the documentation.

Simply go to the ACE portal and start up a personal shipment report as well asthird-party customs broker shipments which have been filled with your EIN.

#3: It is needed on certain documents

Finally, the ITN must be visible on some documents. Without the ITN, your shipments could get held up in Customs.

Work with certain brokers like Clearit as they have a Clearit Canada ITN number you will need for all your importations.

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