Everyone knows that smoking is not the greatest pastime for your health, with the nearly 7000 different chemicals found in tobacco smoke, up to 70 of which are known to cause cancer. Not to mention that research indicates that the foremost risk factor for lung cancer is cigarette smoking. Fortunately, if you are an avid smoker, whether because you are partial to the effects of nicotine or you just happen to love the taste of tobacco, there is a cleaner and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes that can be responsibly enjoyed indoors—the e-cigarette.

What Is an E-cigarette?

You already know that tobacco cigarettes produce a certain physical effect on your body, due to a natural stimulant found in tobacco called nicotine, which when inhaled, is absorbed by the sacs in the walls of the lung and introduced into the bloodstream. An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette for short, is a compact, battery-powered device that vaporises a liquid solution that consists of water, propylene glycol, natural or artificial flavouring, and nicotine if desired. This vapour is inhaled, producing an effect similar to inhaling tobacco smoke, depending on whether the liquid, or e-liquid, contains nicotine. The vapour takes on the taste of whatever flavouring is used, including a variety of fruits, candies or pastries, chocolate, vanilla, and other flavours, including that of plain tobacco.

Are There Advantages to Using E-Cigarettes?

The nicotine that is often used in the e-liquid contains far less chemicals than tobacco smoke does, so the vapour may not pose as much of a health risk as tobacco smoke. E-cigarettes also don’t produce actual smoke, and a little secondhand vapour is only activated when the user inhales. E-cigarettes are cleaner and don’t present the characteristic odour of tobacco cigarettes, which can permanently infuse itself in clothing, carpeting, upholstery, and other fabrics. E-cigarettes are 100% reusable as long as batteries and wearable components are regularly replaced, so there is no contamination of the environment with used cigarette butts and no waste byproducts. With a variety of pleasing flavours available, e-cigarette vapours won’t leave you with that lingering taste of tobacco smoke.

E-cigarettes Are More Affordable

The taxes on tobacco products increase year after year, and along with the cost of growing tobacco and producing tobacco cigarettes, consumers pay a heavy price when they buy them. E-cigarettes are not taxed, and once an e-cigarette is purchased, it can be used over and over again until its components wear out and need replacing. For the price of a few packs of cigarettes, which may last only a few days for an average smoker, one can purchase a basic e-cigarette with a rechargeable battery, charger, a carrying case, and enough e-liquid to last as long as several packs of tobacco cigarettes. These factors add up to a nearly 75% lower overall cost for e-cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes.

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