The CDO or Chief Digital Officer assists a company grow by decoding conventional businesses to digital businesses, and supervises operations in the quickly changing digital segments such as  social media, mobile applications, and related applications, internet-based information management, as well as virtual goods and marketing.

Joseph Cianciotto has served as the executive creative director and chief digital officer of DDB NY. Previously he has been working as a vice president and creative director of interactive at D’Arcy Worldwide. He has worked with several major Fortune 500 brands and earned nearly all main awards in the advertisement industry during the course of his career. Mr. Cianciotto started his career in the digital media after achieving the degree in Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon.Image result for Understand Joseph’s responsibilities as Chief Digital Officer

Apart from being a digital expert, he is also an experienced general manager. As the role is transformative, the Chief Digital Officer is accountable for the implementation of digital techniques across the total business. Like with maximum high-ranking managerial designations, the accountabilities are set by the establishment’s directorate or other specialists, as per the legitimate structure of the establishment. The Chief Digital Officer is accountable for digital consumer experiences across the establishment and its processes.

A Chief Digital Officer is required to guide the growth and amendments to rules and techniques for the general procedure of the organization digital approach and its associated activities. A number of the accountabilities of this role are listed below:

  • Getting companywide assurance by engaging everyone involved with the digital idea is a major striving task of the Chief Digital Officer.
  • Preparing a digital tactic assignment declaration. Chief Digital Officer is accountable for endwise tactic, design and execution of the company’s digital guideline.
  • Making the channel between the business processes and data. The Chief Digital Officer focuses on the association among the customer and the data.
  • Retaining relations with specialists.
  • Keeping stability between technology and business.
  • Linking digital savings to establishment KPIs in order to attain optimistic digital transformation.
  • Establish and retain links and relations with digital industry specialists, in order to stay on top of novel developments, associate and make new innovations that company could advantage from.
  • Articulate a digital strategy to reveal business value for customers and resolve extensive problems that span the operating model and technologies.

In order to fulfill all these responsibilities, a Chief Digital Officer must have support from the uppermost levels of agency management. So, the Chief Digital Officer should report to the Administrator or Secretary of the agency to make sure he or she has access to all portions of the organization. This also warranties the highest level of responsibility toward meeting the position’s internal and external necessities. If such a hierarchy is impossible, the officer should be ranked equal to the Chief Privacy Officer to offer sufficient oversight of various elements of the agency.

Besides being a true professional, Joe Cianciotto is a family man as he likes spending time with his two daughters Hannah and Sophie and wife Jen.

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