Sensing your parcel abroad for a business purpose or for personal purpose, in both cases there are some rules you have to follow. Sometimes people forget to follow those rules and at the end they have to face some problems. Courier service like courier point, strictly follow those rules and if you don’t do that your parcel will reject to send. For avoiding, these situation here are some points, keep it in your mind before sending your parcel to abroad via international courier services.

Not to go list – Like you want to parcel delivery to USA but it may be some chances that your courier services don’t provide services for that country or it is not allowed to deliver parcel at that particular country. So it’s better to check these details on the website of your courier service before doing anything.Image result for Things to remember when you are sending a parcel abroad

Paper work – it’s very important to do your paperwork when it comes to sending your parcel. You have to fill every detail very carefully and don’t work to re check before summiting those papers. Your parcel will only teach at correct place when you fill that information correctly.

Receiver’s details – before booking your parcel service, give some information related to the receiver like name, phone number and email address. It helps courier services to work properly and sending your parcel Hassel free. In some countries, the custom officers don’t allow to pass the courier without having the receiver’s details.

Give correct information about your parcel– when you are giving your parcel to the courier service it’s important to give correct information about the parcel like the exact weight, what is inside the parcel, and the measure. Fake information can lead into the trouble and it may be possible that you have pay fine or charges. The courier company don take any responsibility if your parcel caught in custom service.

Choose correct date and time– as you know that’s the timing of different countries are different from your country. So, make sure that you are choosing correct time for sending your delivery. The second thing, make sure you are not choosing a holiday date because it may be cause some delay.

Don’t pay for extra– you don’t have to pay extra excluding the service rate of the courier service. For knowing more about the price you can use the price comparison websites.

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