When moving to Canada, you should know that the things you bring with you will likely be subject to certain duties and fees.  Your car, in particular, will be assigned lots of taxes and duties, and to properly handle these charges you will need to get an ITN.

What is an ITN?

ITN stands for “Individual Tax Number”.  This is a unique and special number assigned to a person who is conducting any kind of business in Canada.  The number is assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency as a means to identify and track you in the Canadian tax system if you do not already have an SIN.

What is an SIN?

In Canada, the acronym “SIN” stands for “Social Insurance Number.”  This is a unique and special number assigned to all people who are natively born in Canada; to natural born Canadian residents.  Basically, it is to Canadians what the Social Security Number is to Americans.

Why Are These Important?

There are only two classifications of people who need to file for an Individual Tax Number (ITN):

  • International students who are attending higher education in Canada and have received a scholarship (and, potentially, may want to work)
  • Any person who will need to file a Canadian Tax Return but does not have a Social Insurance Number.  This includes not just new residents but also anyone who is in the process of moving or who wants to import goods into the country of Canada.

When Do I Need To Have An ITN?

Again, you only absolutely need to fill Clearit.ca itn requests whenever you plan to conduct any type of business transaction.  With that in mind, you should take into account that it can take upwards of 8 weeks to process your ITN application. Thus, you should apply for your ITN and get the process started as far in advance as you possibly can so it will all be ready before you try to cross the border.

How Can I Apply For an ITN?

If you are, in fact, planning to move to Canada—and you know you will probably need an ITN—you will need to fill out an application as well as provide the following personal documents:

  • Photocopy of your passport’s bio-data page
  • Photocopy of your passport’s Canadian entry stamps
  • Study permit (if applicable)
  • The $30 ITN processing fee

Be sure to do this at least six weeks prior to your arrival.

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