The focus for antibiotic-free animals is not revealing of a new revolution among consumers. Recent events, though, definitely seem to be adding fuel to the fire of those who feel that antibiotics given to livestock pose a significant health concern. Livestock that are raised on fodder every day are administered antibiotics as they help them to grow faster. As there is an industry standard when it comes to market weight, administering animal’s antibiotics or growth hormones makes the process faster. These meats when consumed can result in certain types of health complications in the human.

Several studies show in what way eating these meats can affect the normal balance of hormones in humans. It also claimed that the hormones endorsed an early beginning of puberty among kids. But the most serious concern is how artificially administered hormones can rouse an increase in the body’s production of natural hormones, which upsurges the risk of cancer.Image result for Opt for meat that are Free from Growth Hormones and Antibiotics

Steve Sorensen, the well-known businessman is a partner in Flying V-Bar Ranch, whose Sweetwater division nurtures natural hormone- and antibiotic-free cattle. The cattle are free to graze the farm’s pastures and they are healthy to be consumed. This ranch operates in Southern Arizona, Southern Utah, and in Southern Mexico. The farm offers organic products, meats and products that are grown or produced in ecologically friendly ways and are not treated with persistent pesticides or toxic chemicals, sewage sludge or synthetic fertilizers are not used to stimulate growth, GMOs are not permitted, animals are offered access to the outdoor and are served organic foods, synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics are not used in animal nurturing. These stringent rearing and cultivation practices make organic food safer than conventional foods, and chemical-free, thus ensuring safety for the customers and their family.

Apart from hormones and antibiotics, other medications are administered to animals to enhance growth rates and meat quality. These medications make them yield greater quantities of leaner meat with less feed. The ideal way to make sure that your meat is devoid of medications, antibiotics and hormones bacteria is to purchase organic meats, which according to the rule cannot come from animals that are treated with growth hormones and antibiotics.

An increasing number of people are becoming more and more aware with the food that they eat. If you truly are worried with your health and yet not ready for unsatisfying and tasteless meals, then choose the meats that are without antibiotics. This will help you to stay healthy and will enable you to have for tastier meals.

Besides being the owner of Flying V Bar Ranch, Steve Sorensen is a staffing industry professional who has been the ex CEO, owner, and builder of Select Staffing. He has also served as the advisor and owner of Butler America. In the leisure hours he likes snowboarding and ranching. He is a follower of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and supports LDS humanitarian services and charities.

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