Sitting in the office is almost inevitable for those of us who spend most days sitting and working on a computer. Most office chairs are well-used, due to regular few extra hours, as well as being in a chair more often than sleeping in bed at night. If you are like me, then you do not take time to think about how much you leave your office chair, most especially if you sit for 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week. These many hours of use can be piled up and wear down your chair eventually. In most cases, this will happen before you expect, especially if your chair is not being taken care of properly. Maintaining and cleaning your office chair is crucial for prolonging the life of the chair, however, it will take more than just cleaning your chair with a rag for it to look like a new one. The following are ways on how you can properly maintain your office chair to keep it in good shape.

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#1: Buy a chair that was built to last.

The easiest way to secure a chair designed to last for many years is to buy a chair originally built to last. In fact, in the long run, it makes more sense to spend more money on a chair that has a ten years duration, instead of constantly buying new chairs every year, and this is less complicated.

#2: Look out for manufacturer’s warranty.

Almost all office chairs have a manufacturer’s warranty, and if not, then you shouldn’t invest in it. It is necessary to read the warranty of each manufacturer to determine whether your chosen office chair will be a valid purchase. Find out the warranted parts and each component guaranteed length. Some reliable suppliers like 123ink office chairs have several years of warranty for all office chairs, and as such wouldn’t be a bad place to invest in.

#3: Regularly clean up your chair.

Always expect spills and stains to happen, including unpleasant order. That is the more reason why you must be proactive in cleaning the chairs in your office regularly. You can use a good upholstery cleaner to carry out this trick and keep your chairs in a good shape for many years. Ensure your upholstery cleaner is kept in a peculiar location so that in case of a spill you can quickly wipe it before the stain spread on the fabric.

#4: Don’t lean too forward or too backward.

Ensure not too lean too backward in your office chair, so that the legs or wheels won’t lift up from the floor. Leaning too backward can cause certain structural damages or untie some of the chair’s components making it fall apart or break. Also, do not lean too forward, as this can make the chair tip over, and this may damage your chair or even worse, making you injure yourself by falling on your office desk.

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