Ochsner Health System is a state-of-art health care facility that has been catering to the medical needs of Louisiana residents, since its inception in 1942. They have been consistently providing top notch clinical and hospital care to patients. Their extended Ochsner health care family now comprises of over 17,000 employees and more than 2,700 registered physicians. They have a rich history and heritage that deserves to be preserved and shared, and Eloquent Systems has made this possible.

The Ochsner Health System recently partnered with Eloquent Systems to help them create Ochsner Health System archives for researchers and staff use. The online database became available for public use in June 2017.

The objective behind creating the archive:

According to an Ochsner’s spokesperson, the main objective behind creating Ochsner Health System archives was to acquire, organize, describe, and preserve the records of historical significance. The data may in the form of historical documents or images related to Ochsner Foundation, Research Department, Hospital, Clinic, Brent House Hotel, Health Plan, and any of the Ochsner entities.

After choosing Eloquent Archives to display their archival collection online to the public, Oschner was able to get a quick start. With effortless hosting in the Eloquent Cloud, they are now able to feed the system with different types of data along with their description.

If you visit the Eloquent Systems blog post: http://blog.eloquent-systems.com/ochsner-health-archives/, through there you can access the historical materials and artifacts that speak volumes about the rich heritage of Ochsner Health System.

What can you expect to find?

On the right-hand side, you will find a few options that allow you to search historical files and data based on years of creation, keyword, and material type. You may also choose to display only those records that only contain images.

In the collections part of Ochsner Health System archives, you can find different types of information series such as Medical Procedures and Accomplishments, Ochsner Artifacts & Special Collections, Marketing & Publications, Ochsner Physicians, Ochsner Employees, and education. You can also find time capsules that contain significant information and milestone of a particular time period. Currently, you can find three main time capsules belonging to 1953, 1962 and 1977.

Researchers will get access to valuable information and exclusive images related to the past of Ochsner Health System. It includes images of Dr. Gabbard in the Freeman research lab in 1959, Dr. Alton Ochsner separating Conjoined Twins in 1953, Dr. Clifford Van Meter performing an open heart surgery in 2000, and so many other special achievements and milestones.

Anyone who’s interested in knowing the past and exploring the rich history of Ochsner Hospital and clinics is welcome to take a look at the Ochsner Health archives.

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