Precious jewelry is a good investment as they provide good returns in the long run. One of the most common mistakes most of the customers make when investing in jewelry business is buying them from high end retailers. The mark-up cost of the pieces they buy also includes manufacturing charges, wholesale charges, and sales tax. So, this can prove to be a costly affair, especially, when you want to sell this jewelry. You will get less than 50% amount when you try to sell this kind of jewelry.

Myths of jewelry investment

  • Price of jewelry goes up once you buy it, this is rarely true
  • Limited editions are more for aesthetic appeal than real value
  • The designer jewelry can be rusted easily
  • New jewelry is profitable to buy and sell

What kind of jewelry investment can bring profits?

Vintage, antique and second hand jewelry retains its value when it is purchase. The risk of loss when selling this kind of jewelry is minimal. Always buy this kind of jewelry from a low cost retailer as this can prove to be profitable in the long run. You can look for long standing brand names when it comes to antique or vintage jewelry as their value and price is always high.


Old stones have greater value

A piece of jewelry that is old and has diamonds in them has more value because of the stone. One common practice is to remove the stones from the old jewelry and use it in the new piece. The value of old stones remains intact and increases over time. Pearl jewelry is an investment that never fails. Always buy natural and cultured pearls as their value doubles over time.


Investment in jewelry can be tricky. You can follow these tips to buy the right type of jewelry whose value will increase over time.

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