Foreign Object Debris (also known as FOD) can pose serious threats to an airfield including harm to passengers on aircraft. Examples of FOD include airplane parts, luggage parts, nails, sand, rocks, metal, pieces of concrete and any other debris that does not belong on a runway, ramp area or taxiway. Having an efficient means to remove FOD is crucial to safety and business operations. Investing in a FOD sweeper that is fast and cost-effective is imperative for safety.

While not overwhelmingly common, major accidents with loss of life have resulted from FOD on a runway. Today’s standard for runways requires that they must be inspected for FOD a minimum of four times a day. Current options used to remove FOD include trucks, magnetic bars, vacuums, and rotary brooms. But, if increasing safety and saving money are important factors, you’ll want to be sure you have the best product available.

A product called the FOD*BOSS was invented in 1994 and is a multi-patented FOD sweeper that is fast and cost-effective. The unit can work at speeds up to 40mph and uses the force of friction on various surfaces, both wet and dry, to remove FOD. Sweep width options include 8ft, ,16ft, and 24ft.  It claims to be the world’s fastest and most effective FOD sweeper or you are guaranteed to get your money back. It is currently utilized by every major Air Force in the world.

When comparing your options for FOD removal, consider the following questions:

  • Is it important to have a product with a money back guarantee or are you ok taking a risk that the product may not operate as you had hoped?
  • Is reputation important when making this purchase? What are others saying about the product and its performance?
  • Is long-term performance important to you?
  • How important is ease of use?
  • What storage space will be required?
  • What kind of guarantee is provided for parts?

The FOD*BOSS is a proven FOD sweeper with a reputation that is backed by some of the biggest players in the industry. It is easy to use and folds easily for storage in a provided bag. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, as well as a lifetime warranty on all parts. While other similar products may cost less, they ultimately cost you more in the long run when the quality doesn’t hold up and replacement becomes necessary.

FOD costs billions each year in damage. Don’t you owe it to yourself to choose a product that is at the top of its game? Be sure to choose a trusted partner with experience in the industry and a proven track record.

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