There are many new and old pet insurance companies around the globe. The major pet insurance companies can be easily found in  Various terms that are being used by these companies which every person has to keep in their mind.

Deductibles: Deductibles are those amounts where the insurance company pays a part of the bill that has to be paid to a vet. The part of the amount that is being paid is mentioned when the policy is being attained. Many companies are providing higher deductible amount while some are giving average rate amounts.


Pre-incident Deductible: The Pre-incident Deductible amount has only to be paid each time the pet goes for a major treatment like diagnosis and other. This amount is fixed by the pet insurance company which is not negotiable. If the pet is being diagnosed for a similar treatment then only once the pre-incident deductible amount is paid. For the next diagnose the fees is not paid and the company pays all the bills.

Claim: The claim is requested for the expenses that are made to a Vet, medications or treatments. The pet insurance company provides a list of items for which the claims can be made. The list can also be downloaded from the internet. The time period of getting the claim depends on the company’s policy. Some companies take more time while some process very quickly.

Benefits: If the pet dies under the term period of pet insurance then the company provides the benefit of lump sum amount. This Lump sum amount covers the expenses related to cremation or burial of the pet.

Co-Pay: Co-Pay is that amount which has to be paid when visiting the Vet every time. If any extra charges are incurred then these charges are paid by the pet insurance company. The payment of Co-Pay is a must before making any kind of health insurance payments.

Exclusions: There are various items which are not covered under the policy of various Insurance companies. All these items are stated under the Exclusion list that is according to rules of pet insurance company. If the pet insurance company is not providing the needed item then ask if they can add it in the policy. In case they are not adding then look for another pet insurance company as each company has their different terms.

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