If you require the services of a specialist solicitor in immigration matters it can be a very daunting time and can be very difficult to know how to go about finding one. An immigration solicitor is a lawyer who will be able to advise and take action on behalf of you to help solve any immigration issues you may have. All lawyers who use the title ‘Solicitor’ in England & Wales are closely regulated and have their practice monitored by the Law Society. This accreditation means that you can rely on the solicitors credentials. This short article will help you get started with choosing an appropriate immigration lawyer.Image result for Immigration Solicitor

Where to look

Most people will start to look for the services of an immigration solicitor using the internet. You will be able to search in your local area. Yell.com is one website that might be useful in finding an appropriate solicitor close to you. You may find that you have an abundance of local solicitors at your disposal. However, many solicitors practice very generally and will have some, but perhaps not as extensive knowledge of more specialist solicitors. It may be that to get very specific advice from a highly specialist immigration lawyer you may need to broaden your search and look further afield.

Choosing a Solicitor to help

Once you have found a few law firms specialising in immigration you feel that could help your situation it is time to get in touch with them. Give their office a ring, and talk through what you are hoping to have help with. Many law firms receptionists are also paralegals who are able to advise on the best solicitor at the firm for you to see. You will then usually receive an appointment to go into the office. Some firms, especially the larger ones will give around 30 minutes of free initial advice. Often their websites states if that is the case. Your local citizens advice bureau may also be able to help explain some immigration issues that you have, and their advice is always free.

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