Chances are you already know the basics of having a successful job interview: dress appropriately, have a strong resume, use a firm handshake and make eye contact. But, everyone knows those tips and tricks, which means those things alone won’t help you stand out from a sea of other applicants. To truly sell yourself, try these unique tips.

Show That You Are Solution-Minded

Whether you’re applying for a basic cashier job or something more innovative and high-tech, companies create jobs because they need people who can find solutions to problems. A new cashier can create shorter customer lines. Accounting headhunters look for people who can ensure a company’s books are highly organized. Prepare examples of the types of problems you faced in previous positions and how you created solutions that made the company money or otherwise put it in a positive light. Remember, many problems aren’t industry-specific, so you can do this even if you are changing careers or industries.

Understand the Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

Of course, your words are important, but your interviewer will pay attention to how you carry yourself. Stand and sit tall, keep your face relaxed and smile frequently. Remember to keep eye contact, but not so much that you make someone uncomfortable. And that strong handshake? It’s a good thing, but only if you don’t put too much into it and cause physical pain to the interviewer. Finally, don’t be afraid to use some hand gestures when speaking, which shows you are enthusiastic about the position.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Above all else, be positive and confident. Instead of talking about how your previous employer wronged you, talk about what you learned from the position. Instead of apologizing for a skill you feel you don’t have, play up the ones that you do have.

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