How to make your website more visible in google?

se trafficHaving a website but no visitor is a wastage of your time in maintaining the website. Webmaster always tries hard to get their website to be more visible in google but most of them having failure. I am not going to talk in deep technical in this article but would show you in a more lay man manner.

There are so many ways in getting visitor to your website, but is most of them would turn into your real customer? Unless you are getting the visitors direct from the search engine like Google. Why i am saying so? Let me ask you few questions, where is the first place you will be going when you are trying to search for online information?

Yes, is Google! Which sites you will be clicking after the search result appear? Yes, first site appear on top. Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your time to browse every each of the site appear in search result but would only pick one or two from the top of the result list, unless you are looking for deep information.

link-buildingOk, let come back to our topic, how to make your website appear in the first or second spot in the search result, it can be done in two way in general, onpage SEO or offpage SEO. On page means you do whatever necessary which is complying with the SEO rule in your own website, whereby offpage means you do whatever necessary which is out of your website.

Both methods are relatively important, having no question, you have full control over your own website so you can have your onpage optimization done easily. Whereby offpage is kind of more difficult where the work is not under your own control. One of the most famous offpage SEO is link building. Link building means your link are appear in other website and the visitor from that website can easily browse your site from that link.

Indirectly, if you get a link from other website, google count it as a credit into your website, or giving your website a vote. The more votes you get, the higher your webpage will be appearing in the search result when the searcher searching for relevant information.

I hope the above information give you a rough idea on how to make your website to be more visible in search engine like google by means of onpage optimization and offpage optimization (i.e. link building). You can also browse one of the link building service provider who charge quite a low service cost while searching in major Search Engine.