When you attempt to send your business videos or presentations to others you are likely to run into difficulties. If you choose to send it as an email attachment then you’ll find there is often a limit on the file size that you can attach. At the same time if you want to upload it to cloud storage services or a webhost and share the link then you may also find that it takes a long time for you to upload the video – and for them to then download it.

Due to these difficulties it is important that you’re able to convert your video and compress it too. Fortunately all you need to do both those things is a bit of help from Movavi Video Converter.

To begin with Movavi Video Converter will let you convert to WMV, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV or any other format with ease – and all you need to do is add the video, pick a format, and click ‘Convert’. Instead of a format you can opt to choose one of the hundreds of presets that are built in to the software instead, and automatically use the ideal settings for a particular device or platform.

If you want you can choose to compress your video when you convert it as well. That can be accomplished by using a good compression codec, adjusting the video settings, or simply setting the desired file size in Movavi Video Converter.

Last but not least it is worth noting that Movavi Video Converter also has tons of other features that may help you to prepare your business videos or presentations. It can convert audio and image files, extract audio tracks, create animated GIFs, enhance video quality, cut and join video segments, and much more.

It should be clear by now that Movavi Video Converter can help you to not only convert your business videos and presentations before sending them to others, but also tweak and improve them in a variety of different ways. That is why it is definitely worth taking a few minutes to try it out and see firsthand how useful it could be.

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