It is a popular belief that, freelancing is easy and good because here you can be your own boss and employee too. You do not have to answer any other people. However, contrary to this belief, the lives of freelancers are not easy. Moreover, when the terms come to content writing, it is tough as hell; especially if you are trying to freelance on online job portals. A degree does not matter in content writing because everyone will be attracted towards your writing skill. That is why writers have to go through a real hard competition to won some projects. However, here I am going to give you the easiest way to beat the heat! Among many other job portals, Contentmart is the only one website which encourages the purpose of content writing solely. While giving a review of contentmart, I will also suggest top five reasons for writers– Why they should choose contentmart.3

  • Good Projects– If you inspect the website of Contentmart properly, you would see that over 54000 clients have registered with this online portal so far. You will surely have a good opportunity in writing content in Contentmart. Moreover, you will face no case of unemployment here because the ratio of writers and clients is 2:3, which means the demand is more. Simple economics!
  • No extra charges– And the best part is, you do not have to pay any registration charges to sign in! When you will successfully complete one order, Contentmart will deduct 10% from your amount. So, no investment and total profit.
  • Automated payments– What if the client vanishes after they assigned you to one project? Not to worry at all. Contentmart has the provision of automated payment by which your payment will be done if your client does not respond within five days after the deadline.3
  • No need of professional degree– Contentmart does not ask for your professional degree, it only asks for your talent and skill. This is the reason why anyone can sign-in with contentmart and earn money without much hassle.
  • Support system– The support team of Contentmart is helpful beyond expectation. They protect writers from every kind of exploitation. From the issues of not being paid to arbitration decision, writers are protected here, and clients cannot exploit them. Even the minimum rate of writing content here is 0.40 paisa; which means clients cannot under pay any writers.

These reasons are enough to check out this awesome website Contentmart I guess. Not only that, you can even choose your niche and can only write on that. If you are a freelance content writer who does not know where to look for a job, Contentmart can be the perfect place for that. Contentmart has surely opened the plethora of opportunities for writers and clients, both.


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