It’s exhilarating to run your own online store and witness increasing orders everyday, while order fulfillment process can be a nightmare. For one thing, order fulfillment involves a series tedious process, which will distract you from core business; on the other, some of you lack warehouse and distribution facilities, which you do not want to invest in. What about outsourcing? Here are five benefits you need to know about outsourcing order fulfillment.


  • Coordinate with your suppliers

When you are sourcing from other countries, such as sourcing from China, you may find a China sourcing agent or source by your own. There may be obstacles of cultural difference and language barrier. How an order fulfillment company helps? They coordinate with your various suppliers to group orders in the fulfillment warehouse, including inbound shipping time and product quantity. For example, when you source from China, you can count on a China fulfillment center – ChinaDivision to receive goods from your Chinese suppliers and verify product quantity and other details. Thus, you save time and energy in the warehousing process.

  • Eliminate fixed costs

If you are still bothering by the sky-high fixed cost to operate your own warehouse, then partner with a fulfillment company is the best option to eliminate all the fixed costs. They have spacious room to store your products and a team of expert to process your orders. Since they are serving lots of merchants like you, they can share the cost and give you discounted warehousing fee. For example, ChinaDivision offers free warehousing  for three months.

  • Improve order processing efficiency

Technology support is the key for efficient order fulfillment. Leverage the strong technical team of fulfillment center to process your orders automatically in seconds. They provide custom API or plugins integration with your online store, which great improve the order fulfillment efficiency and enhance customer experience.

  • Reduce shipping cost

Shipping cost is a profit eater once you fail to find the suitable shipping channel. Taking advantage of relationship with major shipping carriers, an order fulfillment company can get you discounted shipping rates. You can choose your preferred shipping channel or just take their friendly suggestion.

  • Upgrade your brand

You are always distracted from other tedious matters, which result in the overlook of brand upgrading. What if your fulfillment partner can do something useful? They provide marketing inserts and custom packaging with your branded logo, delivering an exceptional customer experience. If you need kitting and assembly service to combine different product kits into one set, they can also meet your demand.

A fulfillment company works like your loyal business partner helping online business streamline and grow, so that you can focus on your core business and develop new markets.

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Hattie Williamson