Although many people perceive copywriting as concerning the copyright of material and items, this is not what copywriting services facilitate.

The content of print or web pages, including articles, blogs, product information, reviews and company literature are the province of freelance copywriting firms and individuals.

The words the copywriter produces are intended to engage the reader and call them to action. For example, Company A is having a sale and want to publish an online article on their website and they hate the idea of a hard sell advert or a blatant sales pitch.

The freelance copywriting professional delivers the salient points to the reader and can “sell” without being seen to do so. Instead of using phrases like “sale now on,” they can talk around the sale, inform about products, excellent service, reputation and opportunities and the reader gleans a lot of information that should cause them to act.

e.g. Web copywriting for a travel agency shouldn’t feature page after page of holiday deals. Readers and potential clients will want to know about places, cultures, tourist attractions, the economy, its safety and health facilities. An article talking about Canada can be an effective sales tool and more tempting than detailing flights and accommodation specifications.

Why you should use reputable freelance copywriting services

Would you ask a trainee dentist to check your teeth or a qualified one? It’s the same with copywriting. The writer appreciates the goals of the print and web copywriting, how to use keywords for SEO purposes and for the optimum benefit to the client.

Firms like Connotations have exceptionally high standards which is imperative.

There are cheap and cheerful options (to avoid)

A less professional copywriting service may lead to instances of misinformation, a lack of research, irksome grammar and spelling mistakes. These will impact on a reader’s positive experience of absorbing the content.

Globally, the “copy” market is worth approximately £1.8 billion.

As with every industry there are cheap and cheerful freelance copywriting firms that seemingly employ anyone who says that they can write well, however, these also bear the name of content mills and you can never be sure of the level of ability from these service providers because the vetting procedures are often lacklustre.

Also, many of these freelancers are lured by promises of exceptionally high earnings and minimal work with no qualifications required – that’s a falsehood!  

Freelance copywriting is not a skill that everyone has or can develop, please don’t waste time or money on a product which is found to be inaccurate, inarticulate and badly worded and therefore utterly useless to you. Trust proven and cost effective experts like the Connotations team members.

The other consideration about employing a writer or using freelance copywriting services is that you won’t have to pay them a salary with bonuses, perks, pensions and holiday time. This cuts the overheads and makes freelance copywriting services a compelling option.

You deserve the best, not so-so, average or mediocre. Trust experience and expertise, enjoy the results.

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