The internet really has a great impact on everyone mainly because everyone uses it for all kinds of purposes, but companies today use it for advertising. People from China are giving in to the trend and actually have an increasing number of people who go online. Although, we are all aware that there are several websites that are blocked in China. Popular and commonly used websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and other social media sites and search engines are blocked in China, but there is a way for them to open these sites through the use of the VPN.

Since there is an increasing number of people who use the internet in China, business owners also have to maximize the use of the internet in order to advertise their companies. The internet can be a very helpful tool especially when it comes to marketing the products and services of a company since it can reach a whole lot more and more than your target market since the internet is very open and everyone who goes online will see what you post.

One of the trends is social media. Although some of the sites are blocked, they already have something that can help the people access the internet, and this is the Virtual Private Network or the VPN. So most people in China now also have their social media accounts and most companies and brands use social media to advertise. With social media, it is very easy to share or repost anything and your friends on those accounts will immediately see the posts that you have shared, and also, if you have a public account, then everyone who visits your profile, not only your friends, can see what you have reposted.

This is why companies should advertise differently on social media sites; they should be more creative in order to really catch the attention of their market, because only then will the people actually want to view the advertisements that they have created.

Since the Chinese are very busy people because almost all of them own a business, they are not always at home, so it is important for them to carry their phones with them wherever they go. It helps them to get updates easily and most of them have data so they also check their social media accounts and also browse the web for other sites using their phones. It is very convenient using cell phones and if not all, then most, owns a cell phone. Companies also use this to their advantage as people normally use cell phones as well to check their e-mails, so some advertisements are also sent through their mails if they are not already seen on social media.

They have this app called the WeChat and there were literally advertisements everywhere, especially on social media. The app is also used for communication and with it, you can send stickers, emojis, and gifs to your friends, and you can even make video calls, so the owner saw the opportunity to advertise this and now it is one of the leading communication tools in China and most people there actually use WeChat rather than their regular message app.

Although, there are also factors to watch out for on the internet, like, we cannot really trust everyone we transact with should we decide to actually purchase from businesses we see online and we should be cautious with the information we see and provide online. Take for example the issue about the Rape of Nanking and claims that it did not happen. We should always be cautious and actually check whether the companies or websites we will be buying from provide accurate details and will be worth spending on.