Dining is more than just about the food, but rather the entire experience. Presentation of food is key for a restaurant’s success, but great tableware is just as vital, and there are many reasons to upgrade what you have on your tables.

Clients want to feel involved in your restaurant’s concept, whether it has to do with 60s dining or sleek and modern ideas. They want their meals to be aesthetically pleasing, taste great, and look beautiful when posted on their social networking accounts. Research performed in 2014 found that the modern client spent an average of an hour and five minutes at a restaurant in 2004. This is significantly lower than the average of nearly two hours spent today.

This increase in time is due in part to the popularity of taking photographs of dishes before they are consumed to share on social media sites. Such a change in the dynamic of the dining experience means a lot for your business, and you stand to profit from it. After all, this is a free form of advertising.

As Great on Film as in Reality

Tableware from Pattersons, as an example, can help you create an experience for your clients that is altogether fun and exciting and unlike what they may have at other restaurants. Updating your tableware will help your dishes look as delectable on social media as they do in person and you need the most attractive plates, bowls, cutlery, and glassware to ensure that is true at all times. Traditional advertising is costly and not always effective, as you cannot predict how many will see your ad. Instead, upgrade your tableware and allow your clients to do your advertising for free.

Everything Counts

Everything on your table should reflect your brand and the concept of your restaurant. For example, beautiful contemporary menu holders add a layer of class to your establishment and help your clients feel more at home. An attractive holder for your condiments, salt, and other spices can make a real difference in the way your clients experience your restaurant.

For example, you may own a seafood restaurant designed to help clients feel as if the ocean is just outside the window. Freshly-caught seafood and delicious flavours are important, but it is the ambiance and tableware that help bring the entire experience together into something that works. If you are seeing fewer clients than you usually like to see, consider this affordable change and see the result for yourself.

Regulars Are the Goal

One of the things most restaurants try to win from their clients is regular visitation. Whether it is for a well-known buffet on Sundays or a particularly delectable item off the menu, you want to ensure that your clients come back for more. Great tableware can help you achieve this goal, as it adds to a pleasant experience and can help your clients leave with positive opinions of your business. Once you capture their attention, it is much easier to have them come again and, this time, with friends and family. Although changing your tableware may seem a small step at first glance, the difference in foot traffic in your establishment is almost immediate.

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