The United States is definitely the major purchaser of petroleum. Although the U.S. is the third largest producer of petroleum, the nation is very much dependent on imported oil to endure its world influence and the lifestyles of its people. The availability and distribution of this vital commodity, unfortunately is changing rapidly in a setting that is categorized by increasing competitive countries, continued fights, international threats, as well as global warming. It is also believed that oil reserves and production will deteriorate fast over the next coming years. As a result, the U.S. will continue to feel the pressures of oil deteriorate and face a bothersome future unless it changes course.

Brian Hudnall, the owner of an oil and gas investment firm in Kansas City identifies the requirement to decrease the reliance upon foreign oil. Lately, the President of the Unites States has revealed portions of the new all-inclusive energy plan, the bases of which include:

  • Improved domestic production
  • Enhanced fuel standards for vehicles
  • Renewable energiesImage result for A Guide to Reducing The Dependence On Foreign Oil

Brian founded JBH Consulting Group LLC in the year 2007 which specializes in wholesale oil and gas drilling programs for accredited venture capitalist all the way through the state. Mr. Hudnall states that by investing in gas and oil wells one can have a high profit potential and additional benefits who hardly any other types of investments can provide. His company, JBH Consulting Group is committed to find the best project for the investors so that they can get the best return on investment.

Before being associated with JBH Consulting Group LLC Brian Hudnall, has been associated with several oil and gas firms such as Bayard Energy Solutions as Vice President. Prior to this he has worked at Novastar Mortgage as the credit division manager and has also worked in the credit division of Citibank as Assistant Vice President.  Brian has interest in viewing to network with other experts in the financial and investing area.

JBH Consulting Group has several existing and expected upcoming projects all the way through various counties of the state of Kansas as well as Texas. The company aims to put a high stress on meticulousness and guaranteeing that each oil and gas investor they work with is well-versed on the details of the project they plan to invest in. The company works closely with the clients to make sure that they feel poised all through the oil and gas investment procedure.

Since this is an investment and each type of investment carries risk, the company does everything possible to reduce risk. This is why Brian ensures that he along with his team members perform a thorough research on the client to ensure that he or she is a good candidate for this type of investing.  So, people who are interested in investing can talk to the consultants at JBH to find out in what way they can help improve the financial portfolio.

Thus, Brian Hudnall aims to help the United States reduce the dependence upon foreign oil.

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