Choosing an executive coach is as vital as picking a job. Unluckily, knowing what to look for in a coach can be a challenge, especially if you do not have any experience with it before. So how do you make sure that you will get the right business coach for you? Use these top 7 questions in order to gauge how you feel about getting the right coach.

  1. What is your experience and background?

First, you need to check your prospective coach’s background and work experience. One of the vital things to consider is the depth of work experience. You might also want to ask if he/she has a background in extra-curricular activity such as executive offsite so participants can engage to training wile relaxing.

  1. What is your executive coaching experience?

Just like with other work experience, your potential coach’s actual coaching experience is really important. You need to have a clear understanding of the variation in terms of your coach’s experience. Find out which experience fits to your current situation.

  1. What is your coaching specialty?

Executive coaches specialize in a particular area. Look into these areas of specialty that your potential coach is engaged into. Looking for a business coach who specializes at a particular area that relates to and your current situation is advisable.

  1. Why did you decide to become an executive coach?

Another way to know your potential executive coach is to look into his coaching value statement. Ask him how he feels about helping you achieve success in your career. Find out what problems does he feel he would be solving. Be sure that his values can exactly match your requirements.

  1. What is your coaching approach or philosophy?

When looking for a great executive coach like Louise Mahler, be sure to understand his approach or philosophy when it comes to caching. Overall, coaches apply philosophy that revolves around building your capabilities in achieving your goals and objectives. For more information about a reputed coach philosophy, visit and understand how a great coach helps you.


  1. What are your success stories in coaching?

It is also advisable to ask for success stories of your potential executive coach. By doing so, you would be able to understand if he has done well in helping his previous clients. Also, it is your way of determining if your ideas of success match with his style and approach. Do you picture yourself as his next successful coaching story?

  1. What are examples of your coaching failure?

Coaches are not perfect, so they may have situations where they achieved undesirable results. Hence, it is recommended to look for honesty and humility from your potential coach. This is where the importance of personal evaluation steps in.

Picking an executive coach is a crucial decision that can help you overcome the challenges ahead in your business world. Use these 7 questions to guide you in searching for the right executive coach.


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