Here are five top tips for branding your business at trade shows.

  • Wear You Brand

Not all businesses invest in branded workwear as common practise. This is especially true of businesses which rarely or never deal directly with their client base or the public. Despite this, all business staff attending or sent to represent a business at a trade fair should arrive wearing branded workwear, and specifically high quality embroidered workwear, such as that provided by Stitch Embroidery.

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Not only will kitting staff out in branded workwear mean that sales staff will spread the message of your brand whilst exploring the fair and sizing up the competition, it will also mean that the positive interactions your staff have with prospective contacts and clients will from that moment onwards inform the associations those prospective clients and contacts have with your business and brand.

  • Give Your Brand Away

There is no substitute for or way to compete with businesses that arrive at trade shows laden with freebies. The freebie can be as simple as a pen or as elaborate as a bottle of champagne given as part of a giveaway competition, the most important thing is that your stall is offering them; discounts, promotional offers and freebies advertised on your trade show display and banner willdraw people in and create interest.

Hence, head over to the Quality Logo Products website to see what some of the most popular and desirable branded freebies given away by businesses are. Meanwhile, head over to the Instant Print website if you also need some business cards designing or simply and costeffectively dashing off ahead of hitting a trade show.

  • Hashtag Your Brand

If your business is lacking either its own Facebook page or arguably even more importantly its own Twitter account, now is the time to change that.

Gone are the days when people looked to posters, flyers, billboards and notice boards to know what is going on; if you want to spread your brand and get noticed online is not only the best way to do it, but about the only way in 2016 if you want your business to enjoy longevity.

Hence, sign up, sign in and get tweeting. Specifically, ahead of and even whilst at trade shows, ensure you tweet what your brand is getting up to, and make use hashtags. And don’t forget to mention via the social media sites your business makes use of any offers, promotions and freebies you will be or are offering whilst at trade shows to draw a crowd and increase the number of people there.

  • Blow Your Brand Up

Logos on branded workwear, freebies and hitting the Twittersphereis all well and good, but if those arriving at a trade fair fail to spot your stall amongst the crowd, your brand is doomed. Hence, blow your brand up by investing in banners, displays and backdrops sold via the likes of Banner Buzz and which clearly show your logo and business name as well as make use of your trademark business colours.

  • Sell Your Brand

Everyone is familiar with the phrase ‘to put your best foot forward’. Well, when it comes to trade shows, this age old phrase could easily be amended to read: put your best sales person forward. After all, your most charismatic, confident and successful sales person really is your best foot when attending a trade show.

Then, ensure your star sales person is wearing your brand and let them loose on the crowd. From staging demos that pull an audience to having your best sales person or people escape the stall to spread the word of your brand and perhaps bring people to your table, there is no substitute for a great team when choosing who to send to a trade show – so choose wisely.


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